The Circle Season 2 (2021): Netflix Show Review

As a huge fan of Season 1, I was so excited to see Season 2! Never heard of The Circle? Here is an overview:


The Circle is a reality show centered on social media and gaining popularity in a virtual environment. We begin with a group of eight players who can choose to either be themselves or play a catfish. Since players cannot see each other and can only communicate virtually through the “circle chat”, it is up to each player to decide for themselves who they think is real.

Players try to make friends and gain popularity through their conversations in the chat and through the various online games through the show. At the end of each week, players rate each other, and the two highest-rated players become “influencers”. These two influencers then decide who they would like to block from The Circle. Blocked players can no longer compete. Often, before they leave, they can meet one player face to face. Did I mention that the winner of the show gets $100,000 dollars? Thus, the competition is fierce and the stakes are high.

Season 2

In Season 2 we get to see some familiar faces, including Chloe from Too Hot to Handle and Mitch, who is related to Ed and Tammy from Season 1. A new aspect I saw this season was the inclusion of “The Joker”. This player got to be anonymous and had the chance to speak to two new players entering The Circle, Khat and Mitch. I will keep The Joker’s identity hidden, but it is very interesting to see their strategy in what they reveal to the new players!

This season also had a lot of people playing under a different identity, a lot of which made it very far! We also see two blocked players get a second chance under a new fake identity. These are just a handful of twists and turns that come about with The Circle.


I really like The Circle because I enjoy seeing everyone’s strategy for how they play the game. To do well, I believe one has to really know their identity well, whether real or fake. Players who do well often form alliances with a broad group of players, instead of forming cliques. I also was really impressed by all the new aspects of the game that came with Season 2. I think the winner of Season 2 truly deserved it and played an excellent game with both strategy and wit.

Overall, I encourage you to check out The Circle on Netflix because it is a really interesting game and show to watch! 🙂

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