Strength Breaks Walls and Builds Resilience

Whatever roadblocks you may face in your life, whether physical or mental, you may know that it takes strength to overcome the obstacle.

Women in STEM

AP World History

One day in AP World History, we had an evaluator sit in the back and observe how our teacher conducted our class. The next day, our professor asked a question and waited for someone to raise their hand. As he waited and no one raised their hand, he got increasingly frustrated. When one boy in our class raised his hand, the professor said:

“[insert name] That’s great, I know you know the answer, but do any girls in the class want to give it a try? The observer said we need to increase female participation!”

I carefully looked around the room at the other girls in my class. All of them were looking down at their notebooks, tapping their pens. I knew the answer but was still waiting for someone else to go first. I had assumed that the other girls also knew but were just shy. The clock kept ticking and ticking, and not wanting to waste any more time, I finally raised my hand and answered the teacher.

Our teacher was soo excited that someone finally answered his question! He smiled brightly and continued the class. I realized that by actually raising my hand and answering the question, we could move forward and learn more in the hour-long time we had.

EBT: Electronic Buddhi Transfer

The other day my cousin wanted to know how to link her Roth IRA and Checking account so she could start transferring money from one to the other.

I was so shocked to hear this. She’s been in the USA and studying math for more than five years now! Why had no one helped her and why hadn’t she asked?

“Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it”

How Do You Know (2010) ft. Reese Witherspoon 🙂

Upon hearing this, I told her that I would call the bank company as long as she had her account and routing numbers ready. I said I’ll have one Airpod in my right ear, and leave the other ear open to talk to the phone. Whatever account numbers she told me, would go in one ear and leave out the other 🙂

At the end of the call, I told her not to be afraid of speaking up and asking for help. That is a strength, not a weakness. I left the call with one last piece of information for her:

“While we work on the EFT: electronic funds transfer, always remember what I told you. Don’t be afraid to speak up and use your voice. That’s the electronic buddhi (wisdom) transfer. EBT.”

Women helping women rise up.
That’s something very strong, empowering, and beautiful.
I can only hope we continue to help each other rise up,
regardless of gender, race, class, politics, and religion.

“Pairon mein bandhan hai

Payal ne machaya shor”

(My feet are restricted, my anklets are making a noise)

“Todh he saar bandhan tu

Machne de payal ka shor”

(Break all your restrictions, let the anklets make the noise)

Mohabbatein (2000)

Whatever roadblocks you may face in your own life, I encourage you to figure out a plan of action and learn how to ask for help, if you need it. Much peace, love, and light to all 🙂

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