March Media Picks: Bridgerton and Dating Dr. Dil

Here’s one show and one book from this past month that absolutely blew me away. Full of South Asian representation, love, family, and drama, these picks will leave you hooked on the stories and unable to rest until you have gotten to the end.


Season two just came out and I am obsessed! Set in the Regency era in England, Bridgerton centers on the pursuit of love, courtship, and eventually marriage for the young members of the Ton. The Sharma family introduces themselves in Season two and definitely makes an impression on the Queen and the rest of the Ton, especially, Anthony Bridgerton.

This is the year that the viscount, Anthony Bridgerton decides that he will marry. However, he is doing so to fulfill his duty as the oldest man in his family, not because he wants true love.

Kate Sharma is here from India to help her younger sister, Edwina Sharma, find an eligible suitor for marriage. Kate herself does not plan on marrying, and actually plans to return to India to teach and enjoy her freedom after this is all over. After the Queen announces Edwina Sharma to be the “diamond” of the season, Anthony Bridgerton immediately starts courting her. However, when Kate overhears a conversation that reveals Anthony’s true intentions, or lack thereof, she will do anything to protect her sister from harm. But does her plan backfire?


I absolutely LOVED Season two. I consumed this show so fast. The slow burn and enemies to lovers romance we see honestly had me on my toes. I also loved the cultural aspects included in the show with the Sharma family. Like when Kate was applying hair oil to her sister’s hair. Or when she applied haldi to her sister’s arms before the wedding. Or having Edwina call Kate didi, and Kate calling her bon. Seeing these subtle details on screen was really awesome. I also loved that the two characters ‘ being Indian wasn’t a central part of the plot. There wasn’t any identity struggle or cultural revelation. Rather, the Sharmas were simply a part of the Ton and were enough as they were.

Dating Dr. Dil

This novel by Nisha Sharma centers on the journey between Kareena Mann, a beautiful, career-driven, car-loving, single Indian woman, and Prem Verma, a handsome cardiologist who doesn’t believe in love. In this book, Kareena’s dad is about to sell their family home, and basically, Kareena has four months to find the love of her life so she can use the money saved for her wedding to buy the house from her father. It’s a complicated and ambitious plan, but she has the support of four unwavering and committed aunties to help her find a husband, as well as Veera and Bobbi, her two besties.

On the other hand, Prem Verma is a cardiologist who wants to open a community clinic for residents of New Jersey. He is the host of a popular talk show and known as “Dr. Dil”, where he talks about health issues relating to the heart to educate his audience. One day, Prem sees Kareena at a bar and can’t take his eyes off her. They have a scintillating conversation that lasts for hours and they end up in the back office of the bar ready to take things to the next level. BUT, a series of unfortunate events makes Prem leave abruptly leaving Kareena to feel utterly humiliated. The next day, she sees him on his TV show talking about how love is not real. From that point on, she decides that he is a desi *fckboy* and her mortal enemy. What will it take for these two to realize that despite their opposing views on love, they are literally made for each other?


This is literally the best book I have read in 2022. I consumed this in three days because it was so captivating. It set the standard for true love high (as it should be) and the accuracy of the internal conflicts that Kareena and Prem go through are so relatable. I love the representation in this novel, the supportive aunties and friends, and the beautifully written love story between Kareena and Prem. Nisha Sharma did an AMAZING job. ❤

For some beautiful, romantic, genuine, and gripping stories on love, I encourage you to get started on Season 2 of Bridgerton and pick up a copy of Dating Dr. Dil today!

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