3 Things I’ve Learned Senior Spring of College

1. Be Selfish

It’s senior spring. It’s the last semester of college. The thing about the last semester is, it’s exactly that, the last semester. As basic as it sounds, it really is the time to make it count. While it can be stressful to think about what the future holds, remember to truly live in the present. The friends, professors, and classmates we have right now, are here with us, right now. While it is important to plan for what we will be doing next, it is also important to make sure you are having fun everyday. That’s right, everyday! And I’m not saying you have to party on a weekday, although that can definitely happen, but make sure you are taking the time outside of class to really laugh and enjoy yourself. That could look like getting lunch with a friend, or something as simple as listening to your favorite music.

2. Spend time with people who make YOU happy.

I thought of this one from my experience talking to guys. Just because they like you, doesn’t mean you have to like them. What I mean by this is, just because a guy is pursuing you and wants to spend time with you, doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. Sometimes this is obvious, but sometimes there is a guy that you’re not sure of quite yet how you feel about them. Just make sure you like them for their character, and not just because they like you. Really make sure you feel the same way first. Time is so precious, and it isn’t worth spending it in areas that don’t make you happy. This goes for friends too: if you feel like you’ve grown out of someone, or no longer feel like you guys connect, there is nothing wrong with spending less time with them. As long as you are mature about it, it’s perfectly fine. 

3. Choose people who choose you

Conversely, don’t invest time in people who aren’t investing their time in you. And I don’t mean for this to sound like a business transaction, but if you feel that you are putting in more effort than someone else, it’s okay to snip snip. Don’t pour yourself into someone who isn’t ready to accept it. Spend time with your truest and closest friends, with whom you feel like yourself, and with whom you feel free. Whenever you spend time with a person, (romantic or platonic) always always ask, does this person add value to my life or take away from it? You are in control. Of your emotions, your time, your heart. All of it. It’s in your hands. You have the power to create a great path for yourself. So why not chase it with all your strength?

Little Women- the women and their respective men

After recently watching Little Women in theaters, I am so inspired by the story. I’ve already checked around to see where I can get a reasonably priced copy of the book. I really saw myself in some of the characters. Turns out that even though the story was written way long ago, the way the women deal with dating and love is surprisingly similar to modern day dating. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, *spoiler alerts* ahead.

The story has love triangles for sure, but the most integral conflict that each woman faces is balancing her own happiness with her responsibilities to the family. From a young age, the women are taught to be selfless and always serving. The family often visits the homeless, and gives what they can to the less fortunate. The women are faced with pressure from their Aunt to marry rich and support their family, but see how happy their Mom and Dad are as well. Mr. and Mrs. March however never pressure their children to marry rich or anything, and encourage them to pursue what they are passionate about. The family is seen putting on plays together, and each girl has her own hobby and passion. Jo is an avid writer, Amy a striking artist, Beth an incredible piano player, and Meg a rising actress. The men that Jo, Meg, and Amy each end up with speaks a lot to each of their characters, and how they treat their male suitors reflects their own characters as well.

A closer look at the sisters

Meg- the oldest sister, a good girl, follows social norms. She falls in love with the neighbor tutor. They love each other and sometimes struggle with money, but are always on the same team. She really enjoys acting, but wants to get married and be a good wife as well. As the oldest, Meg is never one to break rules, but when she does, she is super hard on herself. She is a good girl inside out.

Amy- the second-to- youngest. She gets angry when she doesn’t get attention (same), and has had a crush on Laurie forever. She’s not afraid to make the first move when she likes someone. Throwback to when she makes a mold of her foot to remind Laurie that she has nice feet. You go, girl. She’s also tired of being second to Jo all the time. Goes to Paris to foster her interest in painting and meet a nice rich man. (A good economic move). Fearless, assertive, and bold. Eventually, Laurie and her get married and are happy together.

Jo- Strong, ambitious, and passionate. Loves writing. She is comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to go after what she wants. Very independent and free. Runs away from boys and pushes them away. The closer they try to get to her, the more she distances herself (same, yikes). Even if she loves them. She is never one to chase a man, and does not want to get married. But also, is super lonely. The french dude is super into her, but when he tells her that her writing is not good (how dare he), she gets mad and leaves. The dude is so into her that he shows up to Concord, MA and ends up meeting the entire family. He tells everyone that he is going to California for work. Besides, it’s not like he has a reason to stay *hint hint* @Jo. Eventually, with the help of her entire family she musters the courage to tell the french dude she is into him.  

Beth- Rest in peace, dear Beth. The youngest daughter. Super sweet, wholesome, and shy. Befriends Mr. Lawrence next door because of her fire piano skills. She is always encouraging of her sisters to pursue their passions. Although we don’t get to see her when she is older, I would hope that she meets a super sweet dude. The type of guy who, when no one hears what she said in the convo, would take the time to acknowledge what she said. We love those men.

Overall, loved this movie. Definitely recommend it. Which character do you most resonate with? Are we all a little combination of all these women?

Intro Post!

My name is Puja, and welcome to my blog! I’m a current college student, studying biology and pre-med, and love writing. I also love going out with friends, cooking, and connecting with people. I want this blog to be pretty open ended, and have it be a peek into my life and what I’m about. Although I journal as well, I wanted to start blogging publicly as well in the hopes that someone out there can relate to my writing, feel inspired, or even just have a laugh. Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

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